Vertical garden – the best solution for small areas

Do you love plants, and green oases? Do you live in an apartment, have a small yard and the surface prevents you from realizing your green dreams? Don’t worry, there are many creative ideas, and there are fantastic solutions for small spaces. The vertical garden is the perfect solution for small terraces, for backyard corners that need to breathe life, or for growing vegetables in the most unusual ways.

Vertical garden – creative ideas

  1. Vertical garden of clay pots. You really don’t need much to put this idea into action. It is enough to buy 5 ceramic pots that you will arrange as in the picture (see the picture below). Fill the space in between with soil and plant your favorite herbs or some other ornamental plants. This vertical garden goes high and will not take up too much space. If you want an even higher garden, then just continue to arrange the pots according to the system shown in the picture.

  2. Vertical garden with strawberries. Oh yes, it is possible to grow strawberries even on the smallest terrace 🙂 All you need are pvc pipes, a drill, soil, basic tools and of course – strawberry seedlings. Place the pipe vertically, and pass a metal rod through it that will hold and fix it. If you want, that central rod can be drilled and hollow, so you can pour water through it to water your strawberries. Strawberries planted in this way will take up little space, they will be very sweet because they are exposed to a larger amount of sunlight, you will easily pick them, and they will also be protected from snails and other pests.
  3. Vertical garden from old pallets – perfect for balconies and small terraces. For this project, you need to get a nice large pallet, and close it on the back with a wooden board. Straighten it, and make sure that the bottom does not crumble when you put the soil. After that, fix the “closed” pallet on the wall, fill it with flower soil and plant your favorite plants in the slots (openings on the pallet). You may not be able to grow larger plants here, but decorative spices or rock plants will surely grow nicely. Try succulents too.
  4. Vertical garden of concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are certainly not overly expensive, and it is enough to find some hollows in which you will be able to put earth (or dig them yourself). Siporex blocks can also be used. Arrange the blocks as desired, glue them with mortar, and then fill the holes with soil for flowers. This construction will not take up too much space, but we must immediately mention that for this project you will not be able to use larger plants, but eventually, cacti, succulents, guard houses, etc. Generally, plants that do not need much moisture and that do not require deep soil to grow.
  5. Vertical “stepped” garden. This garden really needs little, and the effects will not be missed. Make a wooden “ladder”, and instead of bars, fix mini plastic longitudinal planters (see picture below). Plant flowers of various colors and structures in jardinieres, and you will get a real small waterfall of flowers. This is ideal for planting surfinia, petunias and nutmeg.
  6. Vertical garden wooden “tower”. You will not make this wooden tower easily, but with a little carpentry, the project will surely be successful. It will be enough to show the picture (below) to a carpenter or someone who understands how to work with wood. In these wonderful partitions that you get, you can plant whatever you want, from strawberries, rocket to some flowers.
  7. Vertical garden of plastic bottles. This is probably one of the cheapest and simplest ideas. All you have to do is collect empty plastic bottles for a while, and make mini-jardinieres out of them. Fill your wall that you want to decorate with greenery with cut bottles as shown in the picture (see below). Fill the bottles with soil, and plant spices or some other herbs. When the plants grow you will get a real little green oasis.

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