Plants that you can grow from their parts

Do you love spices, vegetables and do you like to plant plants yourself? Then we have the right solution for you. We reveal to you the plants that you can grow from their parts, and with a little patience, pick them and use them again. See which plants it is:

Shrubby basil (Ocimum basilicum) with a characteristic scent, is a spicy, medicinal and “sacred” plant, which in many religions has a special importance. It originates from India, and was brought to Europe in the 12th century by monks. The Orthodox Church, Hindus and many other nations attribute divine power to basil. It is believed that no one ever catches a cold at baptism, regardless of the time of year, because this plant has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

To propagate basil, only a few leaves will be enough. Make sure that the leaf must have as long a stalk as possible. All you need to do is put the leaves in a bowl (glass) with water and keep them in a bright place. After a while, you will notice that roots have formed on the stems, and then it is the right time to plant it in a pot and wait for it to grow. New leaves will start, and you will always have fresh spice in your home.


Believe it or not, lettuce is also a plant that you can encourage to grow again, after you have used its leaves. All you need to do is put the bottom of the salad in a bowl of water for a few days (add water regularly). When you notice that the young leaves start to grow from the middle, then you can transfer them to the ground and wait for a new head to form.


Young onions are also plants that we can grow again. It is only important to leave the end where the roots are, and to immerse it in water. After a while, the green part will grow again.


Celery is a wonderful plant, because we use its root and its leaves. The good news is that the leaves can grow back from the parts that remain after use. This way you can always have a fresh celery leaf – irreplaceable for any soup!


What you need to propagate ginger is a few pieces of its tuber, which you will leave overnight in a container with water, and then plant them in the ground.


In order to grow a new pineapple from the leftovers of the eaten pineapple, one of the most important conditions is that it is fresh. You will see this best if you look at its leaves or the so-called crown. All it takes is to cut off that part (see picture below), and place it in the ground. Many have managed to develop a new pineapple from this.

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