New Year’s vase made of polymer clay

A New Year’s vase made of polymer clay can be used for many things. You can put your arrangements in it, or simply put fresh conifer twigs. Either way, this will be a beautiful decoration for these holidays. This creative idea is not expensive and is relatively easy to craft.
So let’s go 🙂
Materials needed to make this vase:

  • One empty metal can (from which you will remove all labels)
  • packing (larger)
  • polymer clay in the desired color knife piece of glass (as a base)

New Year’s vase made of polymer clay

For starters, work the polymer clay well with your fingers. It is important to be as elastic and soft as possible for this project.

Then, form a large ball of the developed mixture and shape it into a roller, and cut it into equal parts:

New Year’s vase1

After that, separate each piece as much as possible (as in the picture):

New Year’s vase 4

Fold each obtained “thread” in half and twist as in the picture (below)

New Year’s vase 5

As you can see, this is not a classic method of knitting braids, but an imitation of braids. Carefully combine the two obtained parts:

New Year’s vase 6

Join the parts obtained in this way to get a larger surface:

New Year’s vase 7

Now it remains to line the can with this knitting pattern you received. Press well at the ends and press to make the polymer clay stick as well as possible. Apply one layer of clay to the edges to cover the beginnings and ends 🙂
Bake the finished coated can in the oven according to the recommendation of the polymer clay manufacturer.

New Year’s vase 8

You can put whatever you want in this decorated can, and a special effect for the holidays will be if you also use lamps.

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