New Year’s decorations made of cotton wool

New Year’s decorations made of cotton wool are simple and cheap, and what you can make is very interesting and decorative. Here are a few ideas:
New Year’s wreath of cotton wool

To make this wreath, you will need a couple of packs of cotton wool, some rope, decorations if desired, something for the base and a glue gun.

Make balls of different sizes from cotton wool with your fingers and glue them to the base. Then, wrap with ribbons and various decorations (optional):

This decoration is great for the New Year’s table. All you need is some base (maybe cardboard) on which you will glue the previously formed cotton balls. To make everything look nicer, you can add beads or zircons. Glue it all together with a glue gun:
New Year’s cotton strips

What would be better to imitate snowflakes than cotton balls? Use your fingers to form balls of various sizes (they do not have to be of a regular shape) and pass damil or some thin thread through them. This way you will get garlands that you can hang around the house. Very romantic, especially if you combine it with lamps.

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