Make your own unique clock for each room in the home

Today we have prepared for you an interesting and very easy do-it-yourself project that is not only very easy to implement, but also very useful. If you want to have a special and unique thing in your home, in this case a watch, then this project is ideal for you. You will need a little material, a little time and a lot of enthusiasm. Let’s get to work. smiley

See below how to make this unique watch!

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Work material:

  • wicker shallow bowl
  • thread
  • scissors
  • mechanism and clock hands

Making procedure:

Determine the middle on the surface and use scissors to drill a small hole through which the mechanism will pass. If you choose a substrate that is firmer, drill a hole with a nail or a drill.

Install the mechanism lightly. You can find this mechanism in every store that sells home equipment.

Place the hands on the mechanism. You buy the hands separately and you can choose whichever you want.

Thread one line through the holes, as in the picture.

The lines for 12,15,18 and 21h should be longer than the other hours.

From the thread on the back of the watch, make a small loop on which you will hang the watch, and that’s it. Brlo, easy and simple!

Do you like this do it yourself project?

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