Make your own pots with sea motifs – the spirit of the sea on your terrace

If you are also among the passionate collectors of shells when you go to the sea, we believe that it will not be difficult for you to find the material needed for the work, for today’s do it yourself project. As summer has already begun, we decided to share with you a very interesting and incredibly easy do-it-yourself project by which you can redecorate your terrace or garden similar to the Mediterranean ones. All you will need are a few shells and of course old flower pots!

Below you can see how to make pots with sea motifs and redecorate your terrace and garden!

Work material:

  • shells (if you don’t have yours, from summer vacation, then you can buy some imitation smiley)
  • glue
  • cardboard
  • old flowerpot

Making procedure:

Wash, wipe and prepare the mussels well for further use. They don’t have to be all the same, but it’s desirable, for aesthetics. Large whitish shells will look best, but you can combine shells of different colors and sizes on several different pots.

Before you glue the shell to the pot, you need to stick a piece of cardboard on it that will tie the shell to the pot. The shells are irregularly shaped and therefore need something to fix them and keep them straight next to the pot. Use thicker cardboard.

When you have prepared all the shells, start gluing the pot. You will need strong glue to keep the heavy shell next to the pot.

When you cover the whole pot, your do-it-yourself project is done! Very easy and fast, and the result is fantastic, right?

We hope you like the idea for this do it yourself project and that you will send us photos if you decide to implement it!

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