Make unique pots for your flowers – the project is ready in 10 minutes

Make unique pots for your flowers – the project is ready in 10 minutes. If you are a fan of houseplants, then you certainly have plenty of them. We are sure that you also have too many monochromatic, monotonous pots, which you are tired of looking at… However, instead of spending money on expensive, decorative pots, why not decorate the ones you already have? This do it yourself project is so simple, but effective and interesting, original not to mention, that you will be surprised yourself.
All you need is paint in the desired color and a little good will.

In today’s text we will show you how to make unique pots for your flowers – do the project yourself in 10 minutes!

Required material:

  • paint / color in the desired shades
  • flower pots
  • newspapers or mushems


Spread the newspaper or muzzle so as not to stain the house, then turn the pot upside down.
Then, take the paint and start to lightly pour the paint, until it covers the bottom of the pot and starts to spill from the side. Do not pour a huge amount of paint, but it is easier to do it little by little, so that you can control how the paint will spill and in which direction.

And that’s it, leave the pots to dry, so when the paint is dry, they are ready to decorate your space!

You can apply this trick with paint not only on pots, but also on other things; for example, you can decorate cups, plates, glasses, only in that case buy a paint or paint that is waterproof, and after painting, repaint them so that they are not damaged during washing.

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