How to make a garden on the terrace?

This is a guide for all those who have a part of the terrace who want to turn it into their small oasis of nature. In addition to the fact that it is useful to have herbs at hand, gardening is also a beautiful hobby that I enjoy.

Since I am a child from a small place, I grew up with a garden, trees, a yard, constant visits to my grandparents in the countryside, in a real rural environment. Needless to say, I miss it now that I live in Belgrade, where there is not much nature. I dream of living in a house with a garden! And until my dreams come true, I bring a little village to myself on the terrace.

I note that I share with you here what I know, and we learn together. I am not an expert in this field. Don’t take my word for it
What does my terrace look like?

My terrace is 5.5 square meters and faces northeast. This means that in the morning there is sun, which at some point sets behind the building, of course depending on the time of year at different times.

We have one wooden shelf, bought at Ikea, which comes in the color of wood, but I also bought a protective paint so it is now brown. The shelf should ideally be metal to last longer outdoors, as it is exposed to rain, snow, moisture and cold, but for now I do not see any traces of damage on this one, and it has survived one summer and one winter. Before the new season, I will repaint it with the same paint, to protect it a bit.

In addition to this shelf, I have two crates that need to be hung and serve as shelves, and I will paint that when the master does his part of the job. On the terrace there is a table and chairs, also from Ikea, which you see in 80% of the gardens in the cafes. I really love them.

Last year, I also bought a lot of pots, which I cleaned of old plants as soon as the sun granulated, washed and prepared for action this spring. I bought pots at the market, at Ikea, at plastic stores, and at the Chinese. There are choices everywhere and it depends on what you like. My favorite were the large clay pots, which are definitely more expensive than the plastic ones. At Ikea, they have metal in various colors, which also look nice.

It is important for pots to have a hole in the bottom, and to have a tray on which to stand, which will retain water.

Only some ornamental plants have survived the winter, growing in parks or along fences, I’m not sure what they’re called. One sage, a guardian, a rose also survived, it seems to me that the primrose, as well as the thick coca, sprouted.

What is my current idea?

These mentioned 5.5 square meters are really enough. I have a wish that I can always pick basil, primrose, thyme and other herbs that I need for cooking on the terrace.

Also, I want to have an oasis where I can go out for coffee, work, have a beer in the evening or have lunch on the weekends and enjoy a nice day.

Therefore, there will not only be herbs on the terrace, but I also plan to have flowers on it. I’m not a big fan of conventional flowers like nutmeg. My favorite flower that I had last year is the bride’s veil, and it’s all fluffy and cheerful and has white flowers. Unfortunately, it did not survive the winter, so I will buy a new one this year. She looks like this.
What have I bought so far?

For the weekend, Velja and I went to market, which is full of stalls with seedlings, mostly everything I want on my terrace. I believe it is similar to all major markets.

From the plants in the seedlings we bought the following:

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Lemon thyme
  • Lavander
  • Homemade mint
  • Oregano
  • Ivy

When you buy plants in seedlings, you need to transplant them into larger pots so that they can grow and develop. The seedlings in which you get the plant are usually very small, and if you leave them in them, they will wither.

So I first transplanted the plants into pots, by adding a little new soil to the pots, and putting the plant in it, and then adding more soil around if necessary. The plants looked refreshed even in a new suit!

Here are pictures of plants with names next to them, if you didn’t know what they looked like.

On the
Lemon thyme

This is what the plants on the shelf look like, together with the mentioned sage that survived the winter.

Why did I decide to buy some of the plants as seeds, plant them and wait? Partly out of curiosity, and partly because I expect them to go down more than that

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