How to make a decorative cloud?

If you want to decorate a bedroom or a children’s room, a bubble is a wonderful, inspiring solution. It can be hung on the ceiling, and can be on the floor. It is made easily and simply and we believe that you will adore this unusual decoration in your home. Even music star Beyonce made clouds like this and put them in the bedroom.

Find out below how to make a decorative cloud.

What do you need from the material?

Balloons (in white)

  • Polyester for pillow filling
  • Newspaper
  • Glue (it is best to make a mixture of water and flour, because you need a lot of glue)
  • LED bulbs (optional)

How to make a decorative cloud?

For starters you need to inflate balloons. How many balloons you choose depends on how big you want the cloud to be. When you inflate them, you need to shape them so that they get the shape of bubbles. You can do this with self-adhesive tape. You are now halfway there!

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Now you need to coat the balloons with glue, or a mixture of flour and water. When you put enough glue, stick the newspaper on them, and then spread the glue again. The cloud should be allowed to dry and harden. It will take one day.

The next day, the polyester is used to fill the pillows. Apply glue piece by piece, and then glue polyester, to get a puffy, fluffy cloud.

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