In Feng Shui, the kitchen represents the health and well-being of the household.

It is a place where food is prepared, and as food sustains life, the kitchen symbolizes love, nutrition, knowledge, health – all that life means! Therefore, the kitchen is the most important room in the home.

The most important thing according to feng shui is to arrange the space so as to ensure a favorable flow of qi energy, and that is a subtle current of electromagnetic nature that connects everything that exists and rests in human bodies, plants, buildings…

The two elements WATER and FIRE are represented. Unfortunately, they seem destructive in a close encounter, and that is why it is recommended that we try to separate them as much as possible.

WATER includes a sink, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

FIRE belong stove, microwave, water heater.

The most ideal arrangement would be when these two elements were not placed next to each other, one above the other, or one across from the other.

The position of kitchen appliances and elements is vital for the flow of positive energy. The person preparing the food should stand so that he always sees the one who enters the room, without having to turn around to see him. Likewise, the person entering the kitchen should clearly see the person preparing the food. If the stove is facing the wall, a well-placed mirror or reflective surface will solve this problem. Modern kitchen solutions provide both practical and affordable – a kitchen island – which is located centrally in the room and in addition to being very attractive as a solution, it solves the problem of the position of the person preparing the food.

The stove is the HEART of the kitchen. When it comes to the stove, you should use all the hobs equally, because it symbolizes the inflow of money from different sources. Sink – water element – separate from the stove – fire element. Separate the microwave from the refrigerator, dishwasher and sink. Never place the oven under a window – this will make all your success go out the window. Impurity is a complete disaster for success. You try to keep the kitchen nicely decorated and clean. If any of the devices are defective, malfunctioning, or broken, replace them immediately. Get rid of unnecessary items and clutter. Thus the kitchen will become much more comfortable and will attract the positive energy flowing around.

The recommended color is green, as well as other light colors.

The best material for making a kitchen is wood, while metal work tables are not recommended. Also keep in mind that plastic is FIRE, and that this element already predominates in the kitchen.

The kitchen must always be clean, tidy, ventilated and well lit.

The entrance to the kitchen should not be directly ashamed of the front door, in order to protect the food from possible negative influences and energy that enters. The stove should be in the middle of the kitchen so that you can be connected to everything.

The stove should not be kept in the northwestern part of the kitchen. It is a dangerous location called “fire at the gates of heaven.”

The stove must not stand between the refrigerator and the sink. If this is the case, it causes sadness for the family. The fire between the two waters causes crying.

The refrigerator as an element of water should be full (symbol of family wealth). Food is a symbol of prosperity for the Chinese.

One of the main rules that applies in Feng Shui is that the rooms should not be overcrowded, so make sure that your shelves are not cluttered with everything and everyone.

Keep sharp objects hidden in drawers. Put the knives in drawers or keep them in knife boxes. (exposed knives cause conflict).

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