FENG SHUI – Hallway

Hallways have a strong influence on the flow of energy through the home. Long corridors should be full of decorative objects, in order to hinder the rectilinear movement of whose, because it is so forced to slow down and accumulate. However, long corridors are also conductors of energy, so decorate them nicely. You should avoid placing a room at the end of a long hallway. If so, these corridors, however, are not difficult to correct. The idea is to obstruct the rectilinear flow of which, so that it slows down.

This can be done by placing something that will visually intersect the length of the hallway – a potted plant, a picture, bells, hollow bamboo stems connected by red thread or low chest of drawers. If your room is located at the bottom of a long hallway, it is important to apply the tricks we have written about in order to slow down the qi. The biggest problem with poorly lit hallways is that they trap energy. There should be no dark corners in the hallway where the beneficial energy can stagnate and become stagnant and lifeless. This causes bad feng shui which can be manifested through fatigue, lethargy, etc.

Whenever possible, natural light should be let into the hallway, so do not close the windows near the hallway with blinds and curtains. If there are rooms on the left and right side of the narrow hallway, their doors should not be opposite the others, because that indicates a certain amount of conflict between the occupants. Placing crystals on low tables next to those doors will reduce the accumulation of enemy chi.

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