Feng Shui – doors and proper layout in the bedroom

If your apartment is not made according to the FS map, or if the apartment is with missing space or under the influence of poison arrows, you should not be upset, because no apartment is ideal, and for every problem FS has the so-called drugs. Sometimes it takes a little activity to activate positive energies or neutralize threatening energies. You also don’t need to tear down the walls immediately, buy new furniture, etc.
The proposed drawings are:

  1. Feng Shui map with marked sectors and marked entrance door to the apartment and
  2. Feng Shui map with sectors dominated by elements.

Sector 1 career; sector 2 marriage, partnerships, love; sector 3 families, ancestors; sector 4 money, abundance, wealth; sector 5 health; sector 6 helpers, good, respectable people who come to help; sector 7 children, creativity; sector 8 knowledge; sector 9 fame, reputation

First of all, you should know that without knowledge of the Theory of Five Elements, it is not possible to study Feng Shui, nor to make a FS project. Besides, everything on the planet and in space is made of five elements. There are elements in every man, with one always dominating and determining the character of man. These five elements are: FIRE, EARTH, METAL WATER AND WOOD. There is always an interaction between them, they are constantly on the move, they cannot be touched, they are changeable and volatile. They can exist in yin and yang state.

Its symbol is the red phoenix; planet Mars; color red when yang and purple if yin; seasons summer; smervjug; climate warm, hot; in nature they are mountains, and houses with pointed roofs; the apartment has a living room. Feelings: happiness and love when a person is balanced and irritability when he is unbalanced.


Symbol of yin-yang; the planet Saturn; color yellow (if yang) and gold (if yin); seasons – all seasons, ie the last 18 days of each season; in nature they are mountains (yang) and plains (yin).
Feelings: Compassion when a person is balanced and anxiety when he is unbalanced.


White tiger symbol; the planet Venus; color white (if yang) and silver (if yin). Autumn season; dry climate; room in the bedroom apartment. Feelings of gratitude when a person is balanced, and sadness and anxiety when he is unbalanced.


Black turtle symbol; the planet Mercury; color black and dark gray (if yang) and blue (if yin). Seasons winter, climate cold; direction north. Buildings of the water element of unusual and irregular appearance; the room in the apartment is a bathroom, and the objects are all with a reflective surface. Irregular peaks in nature.
Water is the strongest element because it always finds its way, bypasses obstacles and never loses anything of its essential nature. Feelings: wisdom when a person is balanced and fear when he is unbalanced.


The symbol of the sky blue dragon; planet Jupiter, direction east; seasons spring; windy climate; color green. If the element is yang wood, it is represented by a pine tree, because pine is upright, durable, long-lasting. The yin tree is represented by bamboo. Room in the house kitchen. Feelings: kindness when balanced and
and anger and arrogance when unbalanced.

As already mentioned, the elements can be in the yin and yang state. According to tradition, yin is a feminine, dark and receptive principle, and yang is a masculine, light principle. Yin and yang are in constant action, interrelationship, and their separation would lead to death. Here are some examples of yin and yang:

JIN: darkness, earth, woman, moon, valleys, summer solstice, wet
YANG: light, sky, male, sun, hills, winter solstice, dry, etc.

You have probably immediately noticed the big arrow that goes from the front door through sectors 8, 3 and 4. These are the so-called poisonous or negative arrows that carry all the positive energy (chi or ki). It is especially bad if there is a bed or a sitting set in that place. Various eddy currents are created here, and the protection is to place screens, or pots with a large green plant or drapery, or in any other way. In addition, the doors are unfavorably placed – facing each other. Sector 5 (health) is damaged, etc.

The advantage of this apartment is that from sector 4 (money sector) there is a small terrace, which in this case means an extension, a projection. The energy of this space (projection) helps to increase the inflow of money. Householders earn their living easier than those who do not have this extension. But if the apartment is without sector 4, the tenants are often without money or earn very hard to live on.

Since we are making a Feng Shui project of the School of Form, ie. from the front door, I will just repeat that it is very important to have a new, quality front door that protects you from external influences, and invisible negative energies.

Each apartment has (or at least should have) an entrance hall. Sometimes it is small or in line with the size of the living space. However, a nicely decorated hallway is the first impression that is gained about the family, and at the same time it speaks about the safety of the people who live there.

This room should not be crowded with various cabinets and shelves. If there is no natural light, the hall should always be well lit, and a nice carpet and picture on the wall in accordance with the sectors in which the front door is. A mirror is always desirable in the hallway because it “enlarges” the space. As it has already been said, the mirror should never, but never be turned towards the front door.

  • The living room door should always be open so that guests know where to go;
  • kitchen and dining room doors should be closed. Looking at the kitchen can cause a need for food. If these rooms do not have doors, be sure to protect them with drapery.
  • the doors of the children’s room and study should be closed;
  • Toilet and bathroom doors should always be closed, regardless of whether guests come or not.
  • The bedroom door should also be closed.

An entrance hall with a larger number of doors can often lead to confusion, both for guests and hosts, so as a solution, it is suggested that the room door be marked with sector symbols, or be marked in some other way to make it easier to recognize.

When arranging the bedroom, special attention should be paid in order to rest, sleep and prepare for the next day. No matter in which sector the bedroom is located, the most important position of the bed in it. The bed should occupy a dominant position, and the mattress should be a large one-piece. If there is a bed with two mattresses between them, there is a line of separation that can lead to a real separation between the partners.

• never place the bed under a beam or beams as they send negative arrows towards your body;
• when placing the bed in the bedroom, special attention should be paid to the front door to the room. Never place the bed (double or any other) so that your feet are facing the front door. Such a position is called the position of the grave in Feng Shui.
• It is also important that the bed is not placed next to the window, but if you have no choice and the bed can only stand next to the window then close the window before going to bed, draw curtains, draperies or blinds. These are some of the very important tips for the bedroom;
• the double bed should lean against the wall, but only on one side;
• the double bed should have a raised headboard, as well as a raised part in the lower part of the bed;
• The headboard should not be made of metal, nor should it be made of spaced slats. It is best that the headboard is slightly rounded and covered;
• never place the fan above the bed;
• Books have no place in the bedroom, especially not if they are on an open shelf. Their sharp sides act as if the energy of the blade is sticking into your body while you sleep. The solution for books in the bedroom is to keep the books in closed shelves;
• TV in the bedroom is not recommended, especially since the screen radiates. If you have already installed it, then be sure to turn it off completely at night and cover it;
• never bring antiques into the bedroom, especially if you do not know the fate of the previous owners…;
• Take various old swords, rifles, holsters and other threatening-looking items out of your home. It can only be a matter of time before these objects bring unfavorable, negative energy;
• Flowers are not recommended in the bedroom, although some Feng Shui masters say that you can keep flowers in the bedroom, but only with oat leaves. They also say that even artificial flowers can be kept, but only if they are made of silk or long natural materials;
• Mirrors in the bedroom are never recommended, but never. If you have already installed it, then it must be covered at night;
• The light in the bedroom should be dimmer, discreet, the so-called bedside lamps placed on either side of the bed;
• The need for a bathroom and toilet next to the bedroom is taken for granted, but it is by no means good to enter these rooms directly from the bedroom. The best solution is to enter a small hallway between the bedroom, and only then the bathroom and toilet. If you are already entering these rooms directly from the bedroom, then the solution is to install a double door, screen, drapery, etc .;
• in this room you can place symbols of mutual love, togetherness, marital happiness;
• Wall paintings should be reminiscent

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