Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese teaching on landscaping, can help make a room ideal for your child. If you can’t choose the location of the children’s room within your apartment, there are a few things you can do to make it as pleasant as possible to stay. Strive to encourage healthy mental and physical development. Arrange it so that everything in it “forces” the child to imagination and creativity.

In order for your children to benefit from Feng Shui, it is necessary that Feng Shui is total, ie. the house is good and as such will have a positive effect, while if it is bad, children will suffer. Children will enjoy excellent Feng Shui if they are given rooms in the eastern part of the home. More precisely, sons, especially the eldest, should have a room in this sector of the home, while daughters in the southeast. East and southeast belong to the element of wood, and the basic characteristic of wood is growth. The only tree, out of all five elements, has life in it and is capable of growing. the stock is also the site of the green dragon. If you plant lush greenery on the eastern part of your property, it will bring a lot of happiness to the children in the family. Or place a ceramic sculpture of a green dragon in any eastern part of the home. Not only children but the whole family will benefit from this.

Never place children in bedrooms that have the following:

Roof beam above any part of the room
Too low ceiling, which can slow down their growth
A window that overlooks a tree that is too close to the house
When furnishing your child’s room, you must also take care of the colors, so that your child grows a lot of enthusiasm for life and is motivated and ambitious.

What to avoid in the children’s room?

Open door: close the door at night and draw the curtains. This will calm the flow of energy, so children will fall asleep easier.

Headboard under the window: do not place beds under the window, because this is where the energy is more active and can disturb sleep.

Heavy furniture: children need space, and bulky furniture can make a room crowded and closed.

Clutter: the children’s room easily becomes full of toys and other things, which seems confusing and frustrates the child. Encourage the children to clean the room and give away things that have outgrown them.

Electrical appliances: to reduce unnecessary electrical radiation, do not put a TV in the children’s room.

Children’s room according to Feng Shui principles

Feng shui lighting: lamps that shine towards the ceiling support the energy of the wood. Instead of table or floor lamps, install wall lamps to avoid tripping over wires.

Wardrobes: enough storage space will make the room free to play. Make a part of the drawer and cupboard available for children to store toys on their own.

Beds: Bunk beds save space and allow two children to sleep in the same direction, which encourages a harmonious relationship without quarrels. If your baby is not sleeping well, place the crib so that the baby’s head is facing north. Beds should be comfortable and attractive. Choose large pillows and thick blankets made of natural fibers. The blue color is in harmony with this side of the world.

Children’s room furniture: rounded chairs and tables reduce the risk of negative whose. If children sit at a table on the east side, facing east, it will encourage active qi energy. Bright colors have a stimulating effect.

Floor: natural wood supports the energy of the wood, reduces stale qi and is easy to clean.

Windows: canvas shutters slow down the flow of qi energy through the window during the night, and there is no danger of stagnant chi. When they get up during the day, they completely free the window, so the room is maximally exposed to a favorable chia. Open and ventilate the room daily.

Walls: Use bright strong colors or white paint for the walls. Mild shades of blue are harmonious and soothing. The stars add the energy of fire.

Pictures: tapestries slow down qi energy and do not reflect light. Choose positive images that will suit the needs of your children. Bright colors, especially red, yellow and orange, are more yang and therefore have a stimulating effect. Mild colors, especially blue and green, are more yin and have a calming effect.

Hanging decoration: a slight movement of this decoration can have a calming and stimulating effect on a small child. Place more yang, shiny metal decoration in the western part of the room. For a stronger effect, paint it in bright primary colors. The soft canvas decoration in pastel colors will be more / m and will have a calming effect. Do not hang decorations just above the crib.

Toys: wooden toys are ideal because this material is both natural and durable, and yet warm and pleasant to the touch. Overnight, remove the toys to calm the qi energy.

A few more tips:

Keep children’s rooms well lit, without dark corners.

Do not allow moisture in their rooms.

Bring some sound into their room.

Create constant movement in the children’s room like a clock or some toys.

Have a book in the room that will symbolize the acquisition of knowledge.
Rooms are cleaned and decorated daily.

Keep enemy toys like mail, tanks, etc. in closets.

Make a big save at least once a year.

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