Autumn chest of drawers decoration in two variants

How often do you change something in your interior? I regularly. There is an anecdote about that in our house – every time I tell my husband “You know, I was thinking something…”, he answers like a cannon (without waiting for me to finish the sentence): “I won’t glue the wallpaper again” :). As a child, I moved furniture around my room every couple of months, changed the decoration on the walls – anything, just to be different. And every time it seemed to me that the new arrangement was better. Even if I went back to one of the old variants it seemed better than it used to be :).

I change the decoration mostly seasonally – the colors that suit me in the summer do not suit me in the fall or winter, and vice versa. Not to mention the New Year’s decoration :). And that is why I try to make my base, ie larger pieces of furniture, as neutral as possible, so that I can perform these decorative changes to my heart’s content.

Those who follow the profile of Marina ENTERIJERNICA on social networks probably remember the corner in my living room where a beautiful chest of drawers has stood since May this year, which I “caught” at the Pancevo flea market (before that there was a gray armchair that I almost sold because more I had nowhere to put her). Above this chest of drawers stood a portrait that was also a catch from the same flea market (picture below). Did I mention that I try to make my decorative changes economical and not spend a lot of money on them? 😉

Autumn has come, which I experienced for the first time in many years in a new way – relaxed and peaceful, spending it by force of circumstances, mostly in my apartment. With a lot of deliberation, I concluded that I now like completely light tones – white and beige (both in the interior and in the wardrobe). In fact, I think that may have always been the case, but I resisted it for a long time (who knows for what reason) trying to bring stronger colors into my apartment and my closet.

The sofa got a new cover and an autumn set of pillows (I’ll talk about that on another occasion :)), and the chest of drawers was replaced with a completely white, simple BESTA Ikea chest of drawers (which fit me perfectly). Just to mention that this dresser cost € 100, so again an investment that is not big, and if we take into account that I sold the armchair that was originally here for the same money – there was no cost 🙂 (at least that’s how I present it to my husband ). Fortunately, we didn’t change the wallpaper (although I did think about it :)).

Then I came to a dilemma – I made two variants of autumn decoration and for a long time I couldn’t decide which one to keep. Of course, I decided in the end, but here I want to present both – maybe one of you will want to do something similar in your home (that’s why I have prepared moodboards below with links to buy all the products from my settings).


I called the first variant Natural African because it reminded me of Africa, savannah, nature. The materials are real autumn – wood, dry grass, reeds, straw, and colors – mmm, just to my taste. I added a little dark brown accent because of the dynamics – but that’s it, a lot of white, beige, ocher,…

autumn chest of drawers decoration 1

The phenomenal mirror I took from Kare is definitely the most impressive piece of decoration in this setting (with the exception of Pampas grass :)). This is the basic advice for decorating a chest of drawers – a striking piece above (mirror, picture, clock,…) and half of the decoration is solved. Chest of drawers decoration – pampas grass

Here is a moodboard for those who want to create a look like this.

autumn decoration – moodboard 1

MIRROR – Kare; TABURE – Kare; WOODEN BOWL – Kare; BASKET WITH FINGERS – Emmezeta; BASKETS – Ikea; WHITE CANDLEHOLDER AND CANDLE – Ikea; BROWN VASE – Garden; ROD BALLS – Garden; PAMPAS GRASS – mother’s friend’s garden; BUNDEVA – Palilula Market; PICTURE FRAMES (not on the moodboard) – Kare;


I called the second variant of my autumn decoration Black and White – it’s clear why :). Here I used the decoration I already had – only Pampas grass and dried flowers are the novelty I added.


chest of drawers decoration – black and white black and white chest of drawers decoration

autumn chest of drawers decoration with mirrorEvo and moodboard for all those who want this look of their chest of drawers.

autumn decoration – moodboard 2

MIRROR – Emmezeta; BLACK CANDLES – Ikea; WHITE VASE – Emmezeta; WHITE VASE (BOTTLE) – Emmezeta; TABURE – Jysk; PHOTO FRAME – Jysk; DRIED FLOWERS – Garden; WOODEN MUSHROOMS (not on the moodboard – see pictures above) – Garden; PAMPAS GRASS – mother’s friend’s garden; BUNDEVA – Palilula Market;

These are my suggestions for decorating a dresser this fall (I’m also preparing a Halloween edition soon 😉 – so stay tuned to us on social media). I hope I showed you how the changes we can make in our interior (to keep our hearts warm) don’t have to cost much, and believe me, they can change the space we live in a lot. Which variant do you like more and what do you think I chose?

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