6 things I need to know when buying a room door

When buying a room door you need to make some decisions. What material suits my style and my needs? Maybe you like to follow trends, you prefer or you like a classic, and maybe a minimalist style – in any case, the choice of room door color can say something about your character. But when buying a room door, it is not only important to pay attention to the colors, the choice of details and functionality is extremely large. The customer is required to do this, so Hörmann advises you on which 6 key pieces of information to pay attention to.

Quality – We all always want the best, value for money.

Pay attention when choosing a room door as if you were literally choosing a “Door for Life”. Namely, the quality guarantee guarantees a long service life for your product. Classic or modern, choose room doors that suit your personality and interior, making sure that the quality guarantee lasts as long as possible, and that the manufacturer has been checked. With German quality room doors, you can’t go wrong.

Choosing the right surface – The resistance of your door is important.

Interior doors play a special role in the selection, and most manufacturers offer a product made of real wood veneer, with lacquered or CPL layer. If you have children or pets, it is recommended to install extremely robust Duradecor surfaces. Quality surfaces are also very easy to clean.
Tip: Ask your 4Protect representative for impact-resistant edges, which remain safe and undamaged for a long time.

Intrinsic values – Essential and indispensable.

The choice of door leaf infill depends on how often the door is used and how durable it can be. You get the best value for money with a tubular plywood board insert. The recommendation is for quality door wings made of solid plywood, as well as affordable tubular plywood and cardboard honeycomb fillings.

Door leaf shape – Which door leaf version do I choose?

You can choose between a folding door leaf and a door leaf that closes flush with the stem. With a flap means that the edge of the door leaf in the closed state rests slightly on the jamb, while in the plane it means that the door leaf in the closed state forms an even surface with the jamb.

Types of fittings – Door handles, rosettes and fittings.

With these components, you also have a wide selection and choice that you can adapt to your own needs. The handle and handle sets consist of a handle and a rosette. Handles and locks are available in various shapes and designs made of stainless steel, and in addition to the importance of quality and durability to the customer, you can adjust the choice to your liking.

Door jamb – Steel or wooden?

You cannot optically distinguish the VarioFix steel door jamb from the wood. No matter what kind of door you want, choose a room door with a frame or door jamb in a square or round design. If you have children, we recommend combining a room door with a steel door jamb because they are extremely robust and resistant to various impacts, such as “collisions” with a bobby vehicle, a vacuum cleaner or with drink boxes.

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